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Camisa Regata Adidas Nba Indiana Pacers MasculinaLast night at 3:00 am, countless baldies risked sudden death and waited for the fourth episode of beastars to be updated. In fact, everyone who has read the comics knows that this scene in the stage play is very powerful. First of all, a new CP is born.Second is Louis gaosai moment, see the integrity of the animation said animation made some adjustments and adaptation, but change the super good!In the last episode, louie continued to act with pain in his ankle and passed out on stage.This will really let a person admire, and the more let a person admire, Louis is not injured ankle so simple, because this is fracture, fracture Louis brimming with pain, continue to rehearse, even in a play, the second cannot continue, only substitution, the tiger from villain armour ethylene-propylene, became the leading role, the top and villain for ray gussie.Louis came to the tiger's lounge on crutches to cheer him on and let him play well. He was not angry or jealous because the leading role was changed, and the two talked very well.Actually the tiger said although not nervous, in fact, pressure is very big, he was very clear that we were to see Louis, in order to play the play, even illegal bought department of herbivorous animal's blood (the equivalent of the human world of doping) to entertain, but in the background, was the ray gussie to smell the smell of keen sense of smell.Reggie followed the tiger to the men's room and was forced to admit that he had bought a bottle of rabbit blood.In an instant regisi was angry and thought of haru.On the stage, no matter as a villain or a private grievance, regisi mercilessly to the tiger under the hard hand, but the other side did not fight back, the bottle of rabbit blood was violent collision to knock out, the inside of the blood or full, the tiger did not drink.I saw a lot of bullet screens speaking up for reggsi, saying it was the right fight.But I want to argue that reggae was not rational at all when he did this.Now and then haru was shown, explaining why he was so emotional, not because he was using stimulants at all, let alone because the tiger had not drunk it, and the bottle had fallen out during the fight, which reggie could not have missed.And doping is not a crime. It's not the Olympics. Rabbit blood is bought on the black market.Regisi beat tiger this section is really out of anger, irrational all because of haru.As for reggie's character, the more you look back, the more you will understand, although usually docile, but still have the wild Wolf, from the first episode almost eat haru, you should realize.You think he's a husky?You don't even notice the details in the animation.The tiger lay flat by the reggae beat the face out of shape, finally broke out, reggae body appeared the first scar, animation here to do the treatment, in the cartoon reggae is topless, a bit of people want to stand in a cult.Animation wore a shirt, a little regret.Reggie out of control has no line, the audience are aware that something is wrong, louie endure the pain of fracture, come to the rescue.Louie motioned regisi to continue to play bad guys, the god of death naturally can not appear two, since this appearance, so should let the fake step down.Louis used this trick to get the tiger off the stage, and then made a perfect end with reggie.Louie is really too perfect, both eq and IQ are super high, and the reaction ability let a person admire.To reassure him that he would continue to play the villain, and to keep his back injury out of sight.After the happy ending, the depths of the hand, holding the still a face leng regisi.The stage light belongs to these two animals at this moment.Reggie waited for the prince to take his hand as if he had taken the heroine's script.I can understand why Louis is loved by so many women, because at this moment, no matter who is standing in the perspective of reggie, will be moved by Louis.The man is damn handsome, but the Wolf and deer are so well matched!Fairy love, we do not deserve to intervene

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